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Boo Boo Gel – Your Go-To Fix for Virtually Any Skin Ailment!

When I first heard about Boo Boo Gel by Painted Earth, I was intrigued. A gel that can fix anything from acne, to dark spots, to cuts? No way. I was skeptical until I tried it. A few things I love about this product, aside from its seemingly-magical ability to cure all of your spots & blemishes:

1- The scent – It smells fresh and clean, and doesn’t smell like an astringent or acid that stings your eyes

2- Its coolness – No matter what temperature I store this stuff in, it is always cool to the touch! Its cooling sensation feels so nice to put on before bed, or before you start your day

And number 3 – Boo Boo Gel’s ability to make spots and blemishes disappear in record time.

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 11.22.43 AM

Painted Earth Boo Boo Gel

My many uses for Boo Boo Gel:

I have used this product on pimples :: they are sizeably smaller the next day, and many times even gone. I have used it on sunburn and it has completely prevented peeling on my nose and forehead. I have used it on a healing cut above my husband’s eye to prevent scarring, and have even used it on some acne scars and dark spots on my face. I have even used this on a scar/spot from a curling iron burn on my wrist, and was able to say “so long” to my ugly burn mark!

I can’t recommend this product enough – I truly tell all of my friends and family about it, and it is my go-to skin fix for almost anything. Not to mention the fact that it is natural and organic, so I can feel safe and confident putting it on my skin each day.

I’ll be back next time, posting about my makeup routine & my favorite Painted Earth cosmetics!

-Courtney, 24


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