The Painted Earth Acne/Sensitive Skincare Line – Why you need this product if you are a teen or a twenty-something!

31 May

From Courtney, a Young Professional & New Painted Earth Enthusiast:

I have never really thought of myself as having acne or blemish-prone skin, at least lately. But, at 24 years old, I still get those pop-up breakouts and blemishes that take me back to my teen years! I also have sensitive skin. Many products only add to my breakouts, and leave my skin feeling oily and shiny by the end of the day.Enter: Acne/Sensitive Face Wash. Day 1 and I fell in love. This face wash is 97% natural, and 72% organic. I have recently become more educated about how harmful many of the skin products on the market are currently, so this was a big plus for me. This facewash is SO light. Not only do you feel it working on your skin, but it also removes all traces of make-up and the effects of the day. One of the best things about it is that you only need a little; it goes a long way. Your skin is left feeling extremely cleansed and soft, and I could certainly feel it working on my blemish spots.


Painted Earth Acne/Sensitive Face Wash

Next, Enter: Therapeutic Lite Sugar Scrub. I am ALL about exfoliating – I love the way it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and it is a must in my weekly routine. But, this stuff is gentle enough to use each time you wash! It opens your pores, exfoliates that dead skin that builds up and leaves your face looking less-than-luminous throughout the day. One of my favorite parts? The scent – this sugar scrub smells DIVINE! I even used it on my arms, chest, and neck because I was so pleased with the effects. I use this once a day, usually at night to remove all of the effects of my day. This is definitely one of my new favorite parts of my beauty routine.


Painted Earth Therapeutic Lite Sugar Scrub

The 3rd step of my Painted Earth Acne Skincare routine is the moisturizer. Moisturizers have always been tricky for me, as they can often leave your skin feeling heavy, oily, and overdone. I have been on the hunt for a lightweight, effective moisturizer for awhile now. Enter: This moisturizer comes in a tub, and you can use as much or as little as you like. On nights when my skin is feeling more moist, I use less and vice versa. The thing I love the most about this moisturizer is how it makes your skin feel after it absorbs. Immediately after rubbing it in, my skin feels baby soft – and I’ve never been able to say that before. I have always had some bumpy areas on my cheeks, and less than perfect skin. This moisturizer is my savior each morning and night. Combined with the efforts of the face wash and sugar scrub, my face has never looked and felt so good.


Painted Earth Moisture Treatment for Sensitive/Acne Skin, Natural & Organic

The Acne/Sensitive Skin routine has produced miraculous results for me. I have not had a single blemish, even around “that time” of the month. My acne scars and blemish spots are fading day by day, and my skin has never felt so soft and healthy. For a girl who didn’t think she needed an acne skin care routine, my mind has been officially changed. Now, I think I’ll combine it with anti-aging efforts such as night and eye cream, and double my regimen to maintain my acne free skin, and start preventing aging before it starts!

Next time, I’ll be blogging about another one of my favorite Painted Earth products – the Boo Boo Gel! You won’t want to miss it. If you haven’t checked out all of the wonderful, natural products Painted Earth has to offer, check out their website here. I guarantee you will love your skin with Painted Earth!


(24 years old, Atlanta, GA)


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  1. Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics

    June 5, 2013 at 4:24 pm

  2. Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics

    June 5, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Thank you Courtney!


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